May 29, 1906

Blogger Note:  I was ecstatic to wake up this morning to see all the new subscribers, comments, and emails and it just kept getting better throughout the day (thanks to my younger brother Josh who posted on Reddit where it gained some popularity today).  I couldn’t imagine this type of response and the sheer number of people who are interested in this blog and story!  I’m even more motivated to continue to transcribe and post (yes, I promise to post more often). I will respond to everyone who emailed me as soon as I am able.

 I’ll also be starting a research section to start uncovering even more information on Daisy and John.  A special thanks to my brother Joshua who redesigned the site!  Happy reading!

Dear Mr. Henderson,

I have set aside tonight to answer letters. It is the best thing for me to talk to my friends. Last Friday evening about nine o’clock I received a telegram telling me to come home at once. I left Camden for Lancaster about 11:40 P.M. and arrived in Lancaster at 2:00 A.M. Saturday. I found my mother very ill. He thought she would not live. She had two attacks of congestion of the blood. The last attack left her lame on the right side. I sincerely hope the doctor will succeed in restoring her the use of her right side.

I tell you I have a terrible time since last Friday. But I feel sure God has helped me to live thru it and has helped me to endure the pain which I suffered in finding her dear mother in such condition.  I know he helps us bear all our burdens if we will let him.

I was delighted to hear of your good fortune. I cannot help saying that you deserve much credit in the progress you are making. You certainly do deserve to be commended for earning your own way thru school. I always think more of a self-made man than one that has been humored and has had every thing always. I should certainly like to see some of your work and I should like to have one of the pictures you took and finished.

I was delighted to hear of Miss Updegrave’s marriage.  I sincerely hope it will be a happy one and that he will know how to treat her. She deserved a good husband because all I know of her is only what is good. As for men I feel almost disgusted with them. If you expect to hear of my engagement soon I am afraid you shall be disappointed.

Sunday a week ago I went to “Old Christ” church Philadelphia. Have you ever been there? I think it is very quaint and pretty. It is just the kind of church and churchyard one reads about in books. Of course I was in the pew which Washington used.

Saturday a week ago I attended the services at Girard College. Founder’s Day is always celebrated. This was the 156th anniversary of Stephen Girard’s birth. The school provides for about 1800 boys who have lost either father or mother or both of Pennsylvania. Vice Provost Smith’s of the University of Pa. address was very good. He said “Stephen Girard is erecting monuments to God at the rate of 250 a year.”

Have you heard from the girls lately? I have heard from them for a long time but I presume they are very busy. My how much I do miss them. I have always had at least one of them but now they are all gone. But I must not complain.

I hope I have not grown worse since last summer. I hope I have grown better. I am trying to behave myself so that when I come West some time in the far future I shall not disgrace all of you.

I must write three other letters if I want to get done sometime before morning I shall have to close this one.

With best wishes for your success.


Daisy Holzwarth

P.S. It is raining hard and I am afraid it will stop our baseball game tomorrow. But we need the rain most. I have been told that every woman and girl always adds a post script so I must help keep up the reputation and add something more a “fringe.”  Daisy

Footnote:  For those interested in Girard college and Stephen Girard, here are a couple links for further reading.

Girard College


14 thoughts on “May 29, 1906

  1. I do too. It is fun to follow along in her story, and you know, it makes me want to hand write some letters myself! In fact, I think I will! I wonder if someone will find it in 109 years 🙂


  2. Being from Lancaster, PA I find this super interesting. Your story is already linked on thier page. But, you probably already know this. Either way, I’m sure you’ll be able to find their extended family in no time. Great work, look forward to reading the rest!


    • You’re right Vince. I took another look at it, and this was the way I was taught to write when I lived in South Africa as a kid, which was the same way that both my European and English grandmothers were taught to write.


  3. I found this through a news article and sorely regret that my body requires sleep as I want to read it all immediately.

    THANK YOU for recognizing the value of your find and for the effort you and yours are taking to share it with me!

    –Janet 11:17 pm. Milton, Florida


  4. I have been researching my own genealogy for many years. Just did a quick 5 minute search and found that she went on to marry John. Also, her actual death certificate is on, it contains her parents names. Her headstone (and John’s) is on, they are buried in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. You should really find relatives of hers, I’m sure they would love to see the letters.


  5. And another big thank you. This is something I will love to read, I just can’t do it right now!!! Soooo tired, but I will definitely come back to take up the story.


  6. I hope they make a movie of this..writing letters back then..I remember ever waiting so impatiently for the mail to come..


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