Hello Readers – great news!  I had been in contact with Rhonda from Indiana who said she had additional letters.  After some back and forth, I received them today!!  More letters and more of the story comes into place.  I have a picture below.  Thank you Rhonda!





September 25, 1908

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My dearest John,

I was not disappointed today but found your letter when I came home at noon. I was glad to get it.

There is no use for me to try to get to bed early.  I decided to go at eight to night, but at half past seven my cousin came to see me and at a quarter of eight four other girls came.  It was a delightful surprise for I had not seen some of the girls since before I went away. The girls are always having a pleasant surprise for me or doing something nice. I feel very rich in having so many friends and above all my Sweetheart.

It is eleven o’clock now but I will write fast and get to be by half-past.  After school Mother met me at school and took me driving until six o’clock. I had a lovely afternoon at school today.  The children were quiet and worked hard. We got our work done without the hurry and on time. I was glad for I did not feel like doing more than I did. Tomorrow is Saturday and I am going to try to find some time for rest. I finished hemming the dozen napkins I started Monday.

Sweetheart I do not know a thing about Canada but if you feel sure that  that is the place we ought to go to why you know Dearie I will go. If we can gain anything by investing our savings I certainly am agreed to invest all I can save. At the end of two years I will have at least four hundred dollars saved if nothing happens to prevent. I am so glad you are going to be sensible because with Mother’s gift and the little I can save will be a little help to you. And you know Sweetheart that I am anxious to start in the place which will be best for us because we want our home where we can live best and make it the happiest spot on earth.  For don’t you think that is what our home out to be?

Yes, I think Mother is being good to us but then she always has been a good, kind, generous Mother and I hope my Sweetheart will learn to love her because I know she will always be good to us.

Sweetheart as your plans develop you know I shall be very glad to hear all about them. I am very much interested in your plan. I just wish and wish we could talk about it. Sweetheart you say you could earn a better salary in Canada. Do you expect to work for a salary all the year and invest those savings or do you still think of home steading and working part of the time. Tell me all about it.

Sweetheart it is very sweet to know that it will make you happy to work with me and I do hope that I shall always be worthy of your goodness.  It will be my greatest pleasure to keep our home so that you will love it and be happy in it.  It is so sweet and makes me so very happy to plan and make things for our home. Won’t we have a happy time.

It is so late I must stop. Write soon and tell me all your plans.  Keep well and take care of yourself. With lots of love for my sweetheart.

Your loving,

Daisy Holzwarth


Blogger Note:  A great reminder that it is up to us to make the places we live a happy one.