April 22, 1906

Blogger Note:  Only a few letters in, and I already am out of order.  Found a letter that I had misfiled from April 1906.  The last post was from May of 1906.  My apologies!  Thank you to all of the new subscribers and everyone who has commented or sent me an email of support!  I wanted to get this up today, so the scans will come later in the next day or so for this post. Happy reading!

My dear Mr. Henderson,

I received your letter about two weeks ago. How time flies! I am very naughty this morning, I did not go to church. It is the third time this year and I feel very guilty.

Last Sabbath I was home. I went home Thursday before Easter and came back Tuesday after Easter. School began Tuesday but I missed the early train consequently did not get here in time to open school. I presume our Principal was disgusted with me but then I have been disgusted many times. I suppose you are disgusted with me by this time.

I did not know Bonnie was going West. You know how I told you she called on me and we had a delightful time. I took her to the Ferry and the last thing she promised was to let me know when she could come again and when I could call on her. But the naughty little girl never let me hear from her again. I forgive her however for I know how homesick she was.

Yes, I too am very sorry that the good times we had last summer will probably never come again. I may not think of it at all. Bonnie expected to spend her vacation with me at our home and now that will not come to pass. I want to come West very much. The girls have invited me but I am afraid I cannot. Of course one never knows what will come to pass but the way things look now I shall not be able to come. But probably I can come some other time. I would enjoy nothing more than to entertain you all at my home. It would be so much fun and a pleasure to have you all come. But I see that you do not expect to come East for six years. That seems like a long time.

I sincerely hope that you will be successful and I have no doubt. I know you will be successful if you try hard enough but I do wish you would not try to do too much. I am afraid that you are working pretty hard. You must not forget that you need time for rest and exercise.

Our boys (that is the boys in my school) have organized themselves into the Sewell Athletic Association. Their colors are blue and gold. We have very pretty pennants. The pennant is gold with the world Sewell in blue letters on it. The boys are very proud of them. They play ball twice a week with some other school team of Camden. Of course we (teachers) always go to the games.

I received a very pretty Easter Greeting from Peru. I feel confident you sent it. Did you not? Thank you very much. I was very much surprised.

You ask me where I am going to spend my vacation. I expect to spend the last week in June at West Point and New York. Then I expect to spend a week at Mt. Gretna and Lebanon and the rest of the summer I shall spend at home.

I have been very busy sewing. I made my spring suit and now I am making a cream colored suit (skirt & short jacket) for the summer.

I started this letter Sabbath morning. This is Wednesday morning. I decided when I come down to breakfast that I would finish this letter before I went to school. I really meant to answer before but I shall not make any excuses.

With best wishes for your success and many thanks for the pretty Easter Greeting.


Daisy Holzwarth

6 thoughts on “April 22, 1906

  1. These letters were an amazing find. Thank you for posting them and bringing them back to life! I can’t wait to follow their story!


  2. This is so wonderful, thank you so much for sharing them. Reading them puts a lump in my throat.. I love Daisy’s exuberance and she seems like the loveliest person.


  3. did you found any pic of them in your search? it will be lovely to meet them, by now all of us made an image of her probably looks. so beautiful inside.


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