First photo of Daisy & John

Hello!  I’ve upload one of the only pictures I currently have of Daisy and John courtesy of her great nephew who was so kind to reach out to me.  Please visit the “Behind the Letters – People” section of the website to view.  Let me know what you think!

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October 14, 1908

Blogger Note:  Letter #3 for the day.  Thank you for your loyal readership!

My dearest John,

I ought to be downstairs ironing and getting supper but I am going to steal a few minutes to write to my sweetheart first.

I just came home from school. It has been the hardest day I had this year. Three new children came in, one a beginner and the other a “character.” He is ten years old and I suppose it will end in his being sent away. He has been in several Primary schools and now Dr. Buehrle sent him to me. I did not want him, and do not want all “cases” in the school.

I am afraid I was naughty last night. I wanted to call on a friend and had planned ever since I came home to go. So at supper I told mother for I always have and do tell her where I go but had to take the pictures in the parlor down clean them and all the bric-a-brac. Well, I knew that would take the whole evening and I was not very cheerful in doing it. But I did it and this morning I got up early and helped to clean the parlor. I was told that I ought to stay home every night and rest when I have no work to do. I wonder if my sweetheart is going to make me work all the time.

Mother is so dear and so very good to me but I cannot understand her sometimes. Lately she is always scolding me for something.

I was invited out to dinner at noon today. I had a very nice time and was almost late for school. But I came home before I went to my friends and helped to hang up clothes. I missed my sweetheart’s letter. I wonder where you are running now.

Sweetheart Mr. Brenner told me for the sixth time today that he envies you. Now isn’t that a joke! I laughed at him. And then he did tease me. But I just laugh when he teases, he does it often.

Margaret came out to school about three o’clock today. She comes real often and I like to have her come too. I wish I could talk to my sweetheart today instead of writing to him. But I am always wishing that.

You are a dear boy to say you will be the “richest chap” when we have our home. I shall certainly be the richest girl. I just cannot help thinking about how happy we will be in it and how happy I am to have such a dear good boy for my Prince.

Did the folks all go to South Dakota to file? I hope they will be successful if they did. Sweetheart my time is up and I must go down stairs. I wish I were going to prepare my Prince’s supper too.

Write soon. I do miss your letters so much.

With a heart full of love and best wishes.

Forever yours,


Blogger Note:  I chuckled over the “richest chap” comment from John.  Love it.  

October 4, 1908

Blogger Note: As promised, here is letter #2!

My dearest John,

I have not written for two days and how long it does seem. It seems longer still since I heard from my sweetheart not since Thursday.

I wonder what you are doing now. I wish you were here. I do want to see you and talk to you.

I came home from Sunday school about half-past three and spent all the rest of the afternoon answering letters. I wrote four this is the fifth. I could take all the time I wanted to write to my Dearie. I just finished eating my supper I had to eat alone. The boys and papa are out and Mother did not want any. I do not enjoy eating a meal alone.

Since I wrote to you last I went to bed every evening but one at seven o-clock. I am feeling better today than I have for over a week.

We are having glorious weather; on Friday after school and yesterday afternoon Mother took me driving. Yesterday morning from nine until eleven thirty we had a grade meeting. It was very interesting and helpful. In a talk on the value of recess and the joy and happiness of children, Dr. Buehrle said “Love and joy are the wings to higher things.” How true it is. When one’s heart is full of love how much more beautiful our thoughts are and how different. “All the world is full of beauty when the heart is full of love.”  I thank God constantly for the heart full of love he has given me for you. It makes so many things (which were burdens) really easy to bear.

On Friday evening, a little after seven just as I was going upstairs five of the girls cam to spend the evening. Four of mother’s friends happened to come the same evening, so mother’s party joined our party and we did have a merry time. I finished one of the plate doilies to that set I told you I was making.

One of the girls had all the girls over to supper tonight. I did not go because I knew it would be late before we get back and I do not want to loose any sleep because I cannot afford to just now.

I had a real funny experience over the telephone just before supper. There was a call and I answered. A man at the other end wanted a Mr. Groff. I was provoked because I went down from the third floor. I just got upstairs when there was another call and it was the same man, who wanted Groffs. I answered that telephone six times and said the same thing each time; finally I had to laugh, it was ridiculous. I asked him if he was sure he had the right number and he said he had no book but that the exchange gave him that number. I asked him just who he wanted and he told me so I found the right number for him and I do hope he talked to the person he wanted.

This was rally day at Sunday School and we had a very large attendance. I do wish it would always be so large. Nearly every seat in our department was filled. A little better than last Sunday which was very good too.

On Friday, Mother went down town and bought me the most beautiful piece of brown silk I ever saw, for a dress. The color is so rich and soft. I did not want it because I do not need it and then I do not want to sew on the machine this winter. She said she would have it made, but I told her I would rather have a dozen fruit knives and make the dress myself but she said I could have my dress made and the fruit knives too. So I suppose I will get the dozen silver knives for a Christmas gift. But I do not need the dress and if Mother will let me I shall put it away and have it made or make it myself later. I have a silk dress which I have not worn more than a dozen times.

But Mother is so good to me. But I get real provoked at times. She gives me more work to do than any person can do and then when she sees that I am sick she is sorry. But I have learned a lesson this week. I am not going to do one thing more than I feel I can whether it gets done or not especially when I am standing five or six hours in the school room. No girl or boy has a kinder or better Mother than I have only she does not realize how much she asks of me.  But by resting every minute I could since when I wrote to you last Thursday evening I feel much better. The doctor said I was just as well as any person could be physically but I was doing too much. So you see I must be a little more lazy.

I dreamed about my Sweetheart. It makes me so happy to love you and think of you. I often wonder whether you know how much I do love you.

Sweetheart I must stop now it is getting late (for me).

Write soon.

With best wishes and may God bless us and take care of us.

With a heart full of love.

Forever Yours,



Blogger Note:  I can sense Daisy’s exhaustion with working full time with energetic children and then helping take care of the home.  This is also the first time I’ve seen her frustration with her mother. Perhaps she is becoming more and more comfortable with John that she can express not only the positive parts of her life but also the not-so-positive parts.  Just a thought….

September 30, 1908

Blogger Note: Hi there!  I know some people are wondering how many letters I have left since I post so infrequently.  I hope that will change soon, and that I will get my motivation back on a more regular basis.  In the meantime, I am treating everyone to 3 letters today as an apologies for my tardiness as well as a picture I have of Daisy and John!  Happy reading!  

My dearest John,

I had quite a time getting your letter today. I always read it before I eat my dinner and today my father hid it and would not give it to me until after dinner. He is such a tease.

I am very glad you did not take cold after wearing those wet shoes and stockings.

Sweetheart if you feel that you would not succeed in the East or where you are now, I do not want you to bother your head about it but go where you think best. As you say we have our own lives to live and must go where we can get along best. Dearie please not not think Mother is selfish about my going away because she is not. She wants us both to be very happy. You know Sweetheart Mother and I have really be chums always and of course she will miss me and would like me to be nearer, but she does not say a word about it anymore. I was firm from the beginning about doing what was best.

Remember Sweetheart I shall always try to do everything I can to make our lives happy and our home what it out to be no matter where it is. I cannot do more. And I have left it in God’s hands. I feel sure he will always take care of us if we will let Him. So you need not bother about whether I am going to like it when you are deciding where we are going to live, because we will have each other and I know you won’t go farther away than you think you ought to.

Sweetheart I trust you and I know you will treat me well and take care of me.

I hear so many married men and woman say that they cannot live by having just each other. They must have lots of outside company. Sweetheart I hope we will never feel that we are tired of each other and have to go outside of our home to find company.  We will always share our pleasures and be happy together. Won’t we? I cannot understand girls when they tell me their husbands are not company enough. Surely the man to whom you give yourself ought to be loved enough that you will enjoy being with him. But then my Sweetheart and I (for that is what we are always going to be aren’t we?) are going to be sensible and happy, aren’t we?

Mother gave me a beautiful tapestry cushion cover today, a nice big aluminum mixing spoon and a salt and a pepper shaker (aluminum). My chest is beginning to overflow.

I did not go to Luther League tonight. I walked down town at noon and had to stand nearly all day at school so that I really ought not go out again. I do not feel so well and guite so strong as I did the beginning of the month. But I am taking just as much care as I can. It is just nine o’clock and I am going to bed as soon as I finish this letter.

I had a drawing lesson today at school and the children did very well. Oh, I do enjoy my school work and I do wish it would not make me so tired.

Sweetheart it is so very sweet and beautiful to know that you are going to take care of me. You are the dearest boy and I sincerely hope you will always be very happy.

I must say good night to my Prince. Now Dearie do not think any more about what I said in those two letters about going North. We are going to do what is best and always be content and happy. You know Sweetheart I love you. Oh, so very much.

Forever Yours,


Write Soon. Mother has no objections to my going away only that she cannot see me often.

Blogger Note:  This is the first letter where I have seen Daisy mention her father – I wasn’t even certain if he was still alive until this letter.  She has such a close relationship with her mother that you can feel in the letters where she is mentioned.

Some family troubles with the future in-laws?  Seems there is some tension between John and Daisy’s mother about her moving away from home.  How I wish I had his letters.  Not just for the other side of the story but to see how men write, what they think, how they handle situations through the written word……daring to dream. Seems like that kind of family drama existed even back then.  

Anyone else find it strange that she continues to ask him “aren’t we?”  Is she truly questioning him on it and needing validation or is it merely a statement?

Daisy’s Death Certificate

Happy early 4th of July!  I’ve started posting some items in the other areas of the blog.  I’ve just posted Daisy’s death certificate under the “Behind the Letters – The People” section.  I’ve realized that no one gets notified when those are updated so I’ll start notifying you when I’ve added pictures, other information, etc.

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