September 20, 1908

Blogger Note:  Hello there!  I’m so sorry it has been two months since I posted. I know there could be lots of excuses, but instead of listing them, I’m hoping you will just forgive me for the absence and allow me to post more letters.  Enjoy!

September 20, 1908

My Dearest John,

I certainly did not do too much today. I got up at six o’clock. The first thing I did was to start the soup so that it would be done before we go to church. Then I made waffles for breakfast and got to Sunday school by nine o’clock. We had a very practical sermon at church. The text was “Where are the other nine.” Rev. Muster starting by saying The world needs more Christian mothers, Christian children, but above all more Christian men. It was a very good sermon. After dinner I was reading about the Thirty Year War (to which Rev. Muster referred in his sermon and I had forgotten some parts of it) when the telephone rang. Ray Brenner delivered a message for his sister Margaret.

She wanted me to come over for the afternoon. I went before two o’clock and after supper Mother came for me to take me driving and her brother took her. As soon as I came home one of the other girls came. It is nearly ten o’clock now, but I want to finish this letter to my Prince before I go to bed. Haven’t I been having a lazy afternoon. Just think of spending a whole afternoon doing nothing. But I shall have enough work to make up for it next week.

Sweetheart you are a goose. The beginning of the week you told me you expected to file in South Dakota next month and now you are going to Canada. You cannot or rather may not hold two claims; may you? Dearie, I do wonder where we are going to settle. Have you given up your plan about Chester? I really shall be glad when you know where we are going to live. It does not matter where it will be but I am anxious to know where.

How long would you have to hold government land in Canada before you can prove it up? Are the claims as large as in the States and must you pay very much? Sweetheart if you think seriously of taking government land why won’t you let me take some at the same time and then we will have just twice as much. You know I would just love to do it.

If you do not really want a claim then I think the best thing to do is to accept a permanent run if the company offers you anything decent. You know Dearie “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” You must not expect too much. “Slow and steady wins the race,” everytime. If you work on a branch run you will not have such hard work will you? And if others who have less to begin with then we, get along, why can’t we?

Sweetheart, I do not think that either of us is naughty for wanting to be near each other but I meant that I was naughty for seeming impatient and talking or writing about it. But I do love my Prince so much.

Dearie it is just five weeks ago since we were to church together and it does seem so long. How I wish I could see you to talk to you. The time seems to pass so slowly. It seems I cannot ever write half the things I want to say. If I did you would not have time to ready my letters.

Sweetheart I am very sorry you must work so hard. I shall be glad when you are thru with this run. You dear Boy you are so good to me, to write me such dear letters after working hard all day.

It is half past ten so I must stop.

With bushels of love.

Forever Yours,



Blogger Note:  Love is in the air!  And choices, choices, choices.  I’m sure it takes people back to some major decisions you and your significant other had to make together…..what to pursue, where to live, etc.  Hasn’t changed much.