June 13, 1908

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June 13, 1908

Dear Prince Wolly Coo,

One of our Writers tell us that we owe our friends a letter every time we feel like writing. I think at that rate, I owe you one. The boys have gone away, mother and father are driving and I am here alone. I have read so much this week that my eyes hurt. I wonder if writing will make them any better.

This has been a busy Saturday. Before breakfast I preserved five glasses of berries. After that I helped prepare dinner and then sewed until about two o’clock. I rested a little and then had company until half past eight. After supper Ethel (who was spending the afternoon and evening here) and I went driving for an hour.

Pet (our horse) was naughty. Some teams were ahead of us on the hike and that is something Pet does not like. So all of a sudden that horse just started and kept on galloping until ahead. I could scarcely hold her back. But all was well in the end.

I can scarcely realize that I shall only spend two more Saturdays in Lancaster before I start on my trip. I am looking forward with great eagerness and pleasure. I know I shall enjoy it all so much. Mary has asked me to stop at Omaha on my way to rest. I can scarcely resist the temptation and I dare say I shall need a little rest. Mother and the doctor won’t let me go if I do not promise to break the trip several times by stopping to rest. I just had to promise.

Only six more days of teaching and then the examinations! I cannot realize this year that the end is so near. if tomorrow is clear I am not going to be very good. I am going to go driving with Mother early, very early, and maybe I shall not get back in time to go to Sunday School. But I know you will not think me too naughty because you told me you think we can worship just as well by being out in the air and bright sunshine, as in the stuffy church. I always feel nearer to God when out alone with nature.

My last letter was a dreadful thing and I am quite ashamed for sending it. But I was too tired that night to do anything and should never have attempted it, but you see I wanted that next letter you promised me. Will you please forgive me for sending such a letter? Then, too, I did not say what I wanted to say. Maybe some time I shall have an opportunity to say what I do mean.

You have not told me much about your work. Do you work every day? How many hours do you work, and where is your run? I am always interested in the things that interest you.

when you go after that timber land, what are you go to do with it? Clear it and cultivate it? I should like to know more about it, since I am to be your private secretary and accompany you.

How is your finger? How it must hurt you! I do hope it is getting well quickly. Mother just came home and she is telling me it is time to go to the Land of Winken, Blinken and Nod. It is near eleven o’clock so I must obey.

With best wishes,

Daisy Holzwarth

Blogger Note:  So this letter left more questions than answers!  Where is Daisy going?  How long will she be gone? How did John hurt his finger?  Where did the greeting Prince Wolly Coo come from?  The only thing I can answer is the “Land of Wynken, Blynken and Nod (though she spelled it with an “i”).  This was a popular poem for children written in 1889 for bedtime and is now a published little children’s book.