October 18, 1908

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My dearest John,

I just came home from Sunday school. Our Superintendent was away and I had her work to do. The attendance was large and they were real noisy.

Today was just as beautiful as the past week and just as warm as any day in September. This morning as Mother and I were coming down South Duke Street after church I slipped on some careless person’s pavement. I certainly had a fall. I was jarred but not hurt. Never had such a crazy fall before. I landed after two feet from where I started to slip. The sermon was very good. It took quite a while after I fell to even recall the text.

I was reading more of Stoddard’s lecture on Canada, about Manitoba and Alberta. According to his account of it Monitoba yields the best wheat. I do enjoy reading his lectures because he sees uses such beautiful language and you can picture things as they are from his descriptions.

You asked me who told Mr. Brenner about you. You guessed right. Margaret told it and my brother Joe helped.

I wonder what my sweetheart is doing now. I wonder whether he is preparing his own supper tonight. How I wish you did not have to. I must get ours in a few minutes and I do wish I could get yours.

Today was very much like the Sunday my sweetheart and I went to church at Omaha and I could not help but think about it and wish you were here today. Doesn’t that seem a long time ago?

I am sorry your train has been late every trip. How long will you be on that run? “That big boy” will not have to feel like hiding in the Rocky Mountains because “his Daisy” will decide not to go with him. She realizes what she has promised and tho it would be much easier to go if it were not going to be so far away she will go where you think best.

You haven’t heard from Mr. Bach yet have you? But sweetheart neither of us must worry about it. If we both trust in the Lord and he means us to live East he will open the way and if our home is to the West we will have it there. Only don’t take notions that I am going to trifle with you. For I have given you my promise and I mean what I said.

I have been reading over the letters my sweetheart sent me this week (five) and I am so happy. They were all just as dear and sweet as could be. My sweetheart is very good to me and how much I do love him. I wonder how often I have told him that the last three months. But I just must.

These boys want supper so I must stop. With best wishes and lots of love. Write soon.

Forever your Daisy

Blogger Note: This is the first letter I have read where she refers to herself in the third person.  I also love that we get a few more names (Mr. Brenner, Mr. Bach and Margaret – I know Margaret has been mentioned in other letters) to do a bit of research later on.