February 25, 1906

Dear Mr. Henderson,

This is Sabbath evening and I am doing something I very seldom do. But I just feel if I do not write to you now it will be put off indefinately. I have been trying all week to write to you and Thursday I actually succeeded in addressing the envelope. See if I can do better now.

I went to church this morning and accepted an invitation to take dinner with Mrs. Thomson, one of my friends here. I went to Sunday school and taught a class of high school girls which are anything but of spiritual turn of mind. Ah well, I tried to do my best and more I could not do.

On Friday evening I attended a Missionary meeting and it was more of a social affair than Missionary meeting. I enjoyed it but could not help but wish that the spiritual and social sides were kept separate.  Mrs. Thomson attends the Methodist church and since she is my friend here, I met her at Millerville during my senior year and I think the girls know her. I am a Methodist for the time being as I was last summer.  It is the wealthiest church here so you know what to expect. It does not have one poor family on its list of members. I presume I shall go to my own church if I come back here next year.

I am going to try to lead in Epworth League Monday night. The subject is “A pure life.” I feel a little nervous about doing it because the people are all very well educated and I feel that they could do better but if they want me to do it, I shall try. It is splendid practice for me and gives me more strength and helps me to depend upon myself. I hope I can do better than I did last summer in your church.

I enjoy my school work more every day. I went home to spend Lincoln’s birthday and while there I had a vacation forced upon me by taking grippe and tonsillitis. I missed a little over a week of school. I hope to be more sensible in the future. Enough of myself.

I am glad to hear that you are attending school and I know you will work hard and conscientiously while there. Do you have any definite plans? Is Peru very far Columbus? I suppose I could find out if I would use a geography. It would be so nice if you could board at home.

About four or five weeks ago I succeeded in seeing Bonnie. She came here and had supper with me. I took her to the ferry and she promised to write and let me know when she would come again or when I could see her but I have not heard one word from her since. She was pretty homesick while here and I did everything I could to cheer her up. She promised to spend her two weeks of vacation with me at my home in Lancaster. She planned to spend the first week sewing and the second in having fun. A repetition of what we did last summer.

I feel so often like feel like screaming and having a noisy time as I did last summer but I am a dignified school teacher. Just wait until next summer! I shall make up for it then. It is very kind of you to think of entertaining me and if I come , I shall be pleased to see you. I appreciate your kindness very much.

With best wishes for your success and welfare and may God’s blessing rest upon you.



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6 thoughts on “February 25, 1906

  1. I think “Epuorth League” is actually “Epworth League:” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epworth_League

    Also, where are Daisy and Mr. Henderson located? Daisy mentions Millersville (school) and Lancaster, which are both in south-central Pennsylvania. I’m from that area (when I visit I’m content to spend hours at a local antique mall looking through old books and letters) and I’d be curious to see how these letters ended up in a trunk in Chicago!

    Are you planning to scan the letters and envelopes? I would love to see the originals alongside the transcription.


    • Greetings and thank you for reading! I will correct that error. Her handwriting is so beautiful but hard to decipher at times. I now would like to travel to Pennsylvania and see all the places she visited and saw. The fact that there is an antique mall is an extra bonus! I would love to visit. What I gathered from the vendor was that she had a gentlemen who was interested in some history of a town (which I didn’t get the name of). These letters were part of some of the items that came into his possession but he did not want the letters so she took them to sell at the vintage market. And the rest is history. Happy reading!


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