November 19, 1908

Blogger Note:  New letter for the new year before I head back to work tomorrow.  Happy reading!

My dearest John,

What a dear good boy you are to write to me when you feel so miserable, and such a dear letter! But Sweetheart much as I want your letters you must not stay up so late to write them especially when you are not well. I am very glad and thankful your head does not ache but I feel anxious about the condition of your throat. Are you taking any medicine? I get a little green lozenge called the Guaiac Lozenge which has cured the worst sore throat I ever head. If there are any white spots in your throat they will take them away. You ought to be able to get them in Omaha. If I thought you could not I would send you some at once for I know they are good.

I am very glad your work is not so very hard. I hope it will stay light. Today as I was thinking of my Sweetheart I thought of what you said about being good to me. Dearie you have nothing to repay for you are just as good and better to me than I am to you. Your letters are just as dear as they can be and I am so happy to get them. Then to you must work more hours than I and you are very good to me to write so often. But I am so happy to get your letters and each one is precious.

You said in your last letter you were afraid I was doing too much. But I am not. I am busy all the time and do get lots done but I simply will not rush and hurry. So long as I work without rushing, it does not seem to tax my strength. Tonight for the first time in a long while I walked too fast. I only allowed myself ten minutes to work six (long) squares from school to the High School. I feel very well and am well and am keeping my promise.

I am having trouble with my William Beck again. He is lazy this week and was absent several days. When I feel I have done something for her it seems that I am brought face to face with the fact that I haven’t after all. But I suppose I must keep on trying.

How sweet and beautiful it is to know my Sweetheart enjoys writing to me and Oh how happy I am. But I too wish we would have our own little home and not have to be so far away. It is so hard never to see you for so long a time. I wish it did not have to be.

Sweetheart what a dear goose you are to say I am going to find your letter dull. Your letters are not dull at any time. You know I enjoy getting them far too much to ever think them dull.  I was very glad to get this one today for I was Oh so anxious about you and I am still until your throat is well.

Sweetheart you know I never doubted your love but I must not say things that might leave such an impression. I love and trust you too much to ever think of doubting anything you say.

I have a lot more to say but will have to wait until tomorrow. Mother wants me now. Do take care of yourself and get well.

With a heart full of love and best wishes.

Forever your loving,



Blogger Note:  She mentions some specific medications here, which I will need to look more into – fascinating what they used to treat different ailments.  Also, “dear goose” will be my new favorite endearment.

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