November 18, 1908

Blogger Note:  Happy New Year, Happy New Year!  It is fitting that this letter addresses being sick, as that is what I currently am.  As the rest of the world celebrates, I am sniffling on my couch, buried under blankets and taking daily doses of whatever medicine is readily available.  But overall, I’m incredibly hopeful for the coming year and hope you all are as well.  Don’t lose faith that there are good people doing good things.  Make sure you are one of them.  Happy Reading!

My dearest John,

I was very happy to receive your letter today, and such a letter. So full of love. But I cannot tell you how sorry I am you have such a cold. Really Sweetheart I am concerned about your health all the time. How I wish I could be near enough to watch the little things for I am afraid you are not quite careful enough and you need some one to be careful for you. I just cannot bear to think that my Sweetheart is sick and I always feel sad when I know you are not well.  But I am so very glad you tell me I hope you will always let me know when you are not.

Oh it will be so long or rather seem so long until I receive another letter telling me how you are. I do hope you are well by this time. But so many things are the result of a cold and I wish you would take every care possible not to take cold. How I wish I could have all that pain instead of you and spare you every bit.

Sweetheart I never for one second doubted your love since you told me of it. But when I said I sometime wonder whether you really love me it was because it is so sweet and makes me so very happy to have you love me that it seems too good to be true. You have been and are the dearest boy in the world and there is nothing more you could possibly do than you do to prove you love me. And I am the happiest and richest girl to have my Sweetheart love me, and I never can tell him how much I love him.

I never want my John to write to me when he is so tired and needs rest, much as I love to receive them. But my John is too dear to me to want him to write when he should be resting.

It is very sweet to know that my John thinks of me but what a dear goose you are to think so much that you forgot you had your dinner to pay for. I am guilty lots of times, too of forgetting to do things because I am thinking of “Someone.” Can you guess who?

I received a very dear letter full of love from Mary in the same mail with yours. I must and want to answer both hers and Bonnie this week. I did not get Bonnie’s answered Sunday. I had so many to write. I am very sorry she is not so well as she was. It is too bad your Mother suffers with rheumatism. I am sorry. I wish I could do something to relieve her pain.

My work at school is going about as well as can be expected and I am enjoying it. Five children are home sick that will mean lots of work when they come back.

It is after five o’clock and I have lots to do. Supper to prepare (Mother is away), my Luther League topic to look over, get ready for Luther League, go to the doctor and get to church by half past seven. So I must stop. I am feeling very well and I rested at noon so I am not very tired tonight.

I wish I could see my Sweetheart and do something for him to make him well but I hope you will be very well before you get this letter.

With more and more love and best wishes,

Forever your loving,


Please take very good care of yourself.

Blogger Note:  I have one more letter I want to get up tomorrow to start 2017 off right!








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