November 16, 1908

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My dearest John,

I was surprised by finding a dear letter from sweetheart. I was afraid I would have to wait a long time again.

I am very sorry that you have not been well. But really Sweetheart you know you ought not to eat pie and then two pieces at one time. I am not surprised that your stomach and head rebelled. But I do hope you are all right and that your throat is not sore anymore. I suppose you are trying to make up now for all the pie you will miss when your Secretary does your cooking. But really Sweetheart do be careful what you eat. You know you promised to.

I am writing this letter in the kitchen while I am trying to prepare supper. No, it is not too much work to write to my Sweetheart every day. I always enjoy doing it. I really do not know where to send them. Sometimes you have your Omaha address on the back of the envelope and sometimes your Lincoln address.

I am glad you are getting sleep. What time do you stop work? I went to bed last night at eight o’clock. I did not get home from Sunday School until nearly five o’clock; then I prepared supper and studied the history of the church from the time Charlemagne reigned to the time of Luther. I must lead Wednesday evening. I wish it were over.

Today going to school I fell in the middle of the street in a pool of snow and water. It was real funny. I did not hurt myself. I must be getting feeble.

I found some person that thinks of Dickens just as I do. Dr. Carsen one of the lecturers Saturday referred to him lots of times. I do love Dickens. He depicts life just as it is.

It makes me very happy to know what your mother and my sweetheart think of me. I hope I will never disappoint you. I hope Miss Helm is not trifling with Mr. Thompson. I do not think she is but I do not know. But I do trust everybody and I would not believe it of her unless I were forced to. I hope she will always be as happy as I am. How I wish I could see my Sweetheart. Sometimes I feel that it is cruel never to see you but I suppose it is just as the Lord intended it to be. I must be patient and content. But it is hard.

You say you hop you will always be successful in keeping me happy. As I have told you before no matter how little I have so long as my Prince will be good to me and love me I shall be the happiest girl. Maybe you do not believe it, John it is true.

I am glad you have a regular run and can live more regularly now. You will at least not have to go from one run to another.

I know I am the richest girl to have such a dear good boy like my Prince to love and love me.

I must stop now. I want to go to the Post Office, and then get some lace to put on some Christmas gifts I am making after supper.

With more and more love.

Forever your,


Write Soon.

Blogger Note:  Drama with Mr. Thompson and Miss Helen?  Say it ain’t so!  Actually, I have no idea whose these people are…..but maybe someday I will!



5 thoughts on “November 16, 1908

  1. It frightens me that she thinks Chas. Dickens depicts real life.Thank goodness we have come a far piece since he. And what was in that pie? Boozy mincemeat?
    Mr.Thompson and Miss Helm-what did she see them doing? Very spicy. I bet they were not writing Bible verses.I am surprised that she writes gossip in the letter- and here we are, over 100 years later and speculating on the “real story”.
    Thank you for sharing these with us.


  2. How long has it been now that that they have been corresponding? I love the sweetness of Daisy’s letters, and can’t wait until they are together! Thank you so much for finding them and posting. Happy Holidays!


  3. As always, thank you for the nice surprise today. What did John do for a living? I don’t recall, if ever it was mentioned. Oh, the old fashioned talk, long since gone with today’s gibberish. Mr.Thompson and Miss Helm? Hmmmm….what did they get caught doing?


    • Maybe they got caught-HOLDING HANDS! I also wonder what John did-maybe a traveling salesman? I imagine one could find out through the 1910 census, though there is one census around that time that was lost in a huge fire.


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