October 17, 1908

My dearest John,

What a dear good boy you are to have such a dear letter for me this evening.  This morning I waited with much eagerness for the mail but no letter from my sweetheart at nine or eleven. But this afternoon it came and how glad I was and so happy. I am indeed very rich to have my John to love me.

This has been another glorious day and I have been enjoying it so much but more since your letter came. When your letters come full of love, they make everything brighter. I did not do very much today. I did not get home from sewing circle last night until eleven o’clock; so I did not get up until seven this morning after breakfast.

I helped a tiny bit with housework and while mother was out on some errands I prepared dinner, sewing in between. After dinner I embroidered until two o’clock then mother and I went shopping and driving until five. Mother is preparing supper while I am writing to my sweetheart.

This evening my two cousins Bessie and her brother are coming; they want me to teach them German. So I am going to try to give them a lesson each week.

My sweetheart certainly is going to be very good to me if he is going to help me with the dishes. I guess I will have to make an extra sized apron or if you do not wear one while helping in the kitchen you will get grease spots on your clothes. But I know my sweetheart will be too tired to help with dishes after working all day. It won’t take long to wash a few dishes, but it will be sweet to have you in the kitchen where I can see you and talk to you when you are home. They certainly will be happy and precious times.

If getting a letter from me every day will please you I shall try to write it. That will not hurt me I am sure, and it is always a pleasure to write to you.

Sweetheart you must think I am goose. I have promised you to go wherever you thought it would be best and if it must be the North West it cannot be helped but do not for one minute think that I would promise to go with you and when you come East decide I cannot go. Of course it will be very hard to leave Mother, because tho she expects lots of me and is a little unreasonable at times yet she is very good to me.

But John you know I love you too much to trifle with you. Remember Dearie I mean just what I say. We are going to be happy no matter where our home must be. I never am going to break my promise and I hope you will never be sorry you asked me to share a home with you.

I am sorry you must eat on those cars, too. I suppose you get a very wholesome, nourishing supper if you must get it yourself on those cars. How I wish you had a more cheerful and comfortable way of living. I hope it will not be for very long. When we have our home there will be no more of that. How much there is to live for and how happy it makes me even to think about it.

Take care of yourself and keep just as cheerful as you can under you trying conditions. But sweetheart i know it is the hardest thing to keep cheerful sometimes. Write soon. Best wishes and lots of love.

Forever your loving,


Blogger Note: A man knows how to impress a woman by offering to do the dishes?  Some things never do change over the centuries. 🙂

2 thoughts on “October 17, 1908

  1. Dinner is a “big” heavy meal served in mid-day, while supper is served in the evening and may be something lighter like soup and sandwiches. I think that it kept you out of the kitchen in the hottest part of the day-afternoon. You would be cooking in the morning hours before the heat set in. Thank God for air-conditioning units today!


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