October 14, 1908

Blogger Note:  Letter #3 for the day.  Thank you for your loyal readership!

My dearest John,

I ought to be downstairs ironing and getting supper but I am going to steal a few minutes to write to my sweetheart first.

I just came home from school. It has been the hardest day I had this year. Three new children came in, one a beginner and the other a “character.” He is ten years old and I suppose it will end in his being sent away. He has been in several Primary schools and now Dr. Buehrle sent him to me. I did not want him, and do not want all “cases” in the school.

I am afraid I was naughty last night. I wanted to call on a friend and had planned ever since I came home to go. So at supper I told mother for I always have and do tell her where I go but had to take the pictures in the parlor down clean them and all the bric-a-brac. Well, I knew that would take the whole evening and I was not very cheerful in doing it. But I did it and this morning I got up early and helped to clean the parlor. I was told that I ought to stay home every night and rest when I have no work to do. I wonder if my sweetheart is going to make me work all the time.

Mother is so dear and so very good to me but I cannot understand her sometimes. Lately she is always scolding me for something.

I was invited out to dinner at noon today. I had a very nice time and was almost late for school. But I came home before I went to my friends and helped to hang up clothes. I missed my sweetheart’s letter. I wonder where you are running now.

Sweetheart Mr. Brenner told me for the sixth time today that he envies you. Now isn’t that a joke! I laughed at him. And then he did tease me. But I just laugh when he teases, he does it often.

Margaret came out to school about three o’clock today. She comes real often and I like to have her come too. I wish I could talk to my sweetheart today instead of writing to him. But I am always wishing that.

You are a dear boy to say you will be the “richest chap” when we have our home. I shall certainly be the richest girl. I just cannot help thinking about how happy we will be in it and how happy I am to have such a dear good boy for my Prince.

Did the folks all go to South Dakota to file? I hope they will be successful if they did. Sweetheart my time is up and I must go down stairs. I wish I were going to prepare my Prince’s supper too.

Write soon. I do miss your letters so much.

With a heart full of love and best wishes.

Forever yours,


Blogger Note:  I chuckled over the “richest chap” comment from John.  Love it.  

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