September 24, 1908

Blogger Note:  I’m writing this from the O’Hare airport as I take a few days to visit Charleston.  But I couldn’t resist posting another letter for you all!  I also hope to have other good news in the coming weeks.  More letters may have been found!  Cross your fingers that they will make their way to me.  Happy reading!

My dearest John,

This has been another beautiful day and very warm.  I just finished my part of this week’s ironing and it is nearly time to get supper.  I do not know what is the matter with me I ache from head to foot and I never seem to get rested.  I have been going to bed early enough, too, and I am not doing so very much work either.

Sweetheart I was disappointed today again. I do miss your letters so much. I only hope you are not over taxing yourself again and that you are well.

Sweetheart whenever I do not hear from you I am afraid something has happened.  I hope it is not so, however.  Maybe I shall get a letter tomorrow noon.

I wish you could be at school when I try to teach my dull boy.  He constantly tell me “now wait” when he cannot pronounce a word or grasp a thought.  It does sound funny to hear the child say it.  I feel so sorry for him and wish it would not be so hard for him.  Sweetheart I must prepare supper – will finish later.

I did a rather foolish thing tonight.  After supper Mother asked me to go driving with her and I went.  We came back in about an hour and then she told me to go again and take one of the girls.  She said it would be better to be out of doors.   I took Miss Adams (Bess) driving and we talked so much and were having such a nice time that we forgot all about this time.  Because it was so late I drove the horse to the stables and walked home.  It is eleven o’clock now.  Sweetheart, I feel ashamed to tell you I have been out so late again because I know I ought to be in bed.  But it certainly is a grand night to be out.  Am I very naughty?  I do not go driving often.

Sweetheart what do you think of a man who says “whenever a man gets married he must have a brainstorm.”  I hope you will never have reason to say that.  I feel very sorry for that man for he is a fine man, but he has been disappointed.

This has really been the first time I had a visit with Bess since I came home.  I saw her before but only at church we have all been too busy to visit because there has been so much going on at church that had to  be attended to.  I feel sure you would like Bess.  I hope that the girls will all have the pleasure of meeting my Prince.

Sweetheart it is very sweet to have you think I am this “dearest girl in the world.”  It makes me very, very happy and you know you are the dearest boy in the world.  What a pleasure and comfort your love is!

Sweetheart it is getting very late and if I do not stop and go to bed you will scold me, and I shall not be rested tomorrow.  You will have to scold me lots and whenever I need it.  But I did want to write to you.

With best wishes and more and more love.

Forever your loving,



Blogger Note:  Hard to imagine times without the instant gratification of cell phones, don’t you think?  To only be able to communicate via post?  I sense her compassion when she is trying to teach a child and love that even back then, children were witty.  Makes me wonder who that boy was. 

The word “brainstorm” must have meant something different back then.  Does anyone know the context of “whenever a mean gets married he must have a brain storm.”?  Definitely a negative perception, but just curious.  I’m going to do my research too.





5 thoughts on “September 24, 1908

  1. Just when I think the letters have come to an end you post another. Since the frequency is so many weeks apart could you at least give us updates of the number of letters you have remaining


  2. I found info online that the word brainstorm did not used to mean what it does now. Originally it meant a severe mental disturbance or a violent transient fit of insanity.


  3. Hi there! I estimate I have about 40 more letters so many more to come. It is my goal to post more frequently for you all and not let the time lapse so much. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy future letters!


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