September 23, 1908

My dearest John,

I just finished my supper and am glad another day is past.

This has been a beautiful day but I did not have a minute to spend out of doors excepting the few it took to walk to and from school. Mother was canning peaches and tomatoes and started to make some grape juice. I helped with the canning at noon and finished some jelly after school.

We do need rain so badly. I do hope it will rain tonight but there does not seem to be a sign of it. Mother and Mrs. Brenner are going to an opening at one of the stores tonight. I am going to sew until ten o’clock. I have some old moments last week and this week practicing my music. It seem terrible for me to neglect it as I have the last two years. But maybe someday I will not have quite so many things to do and then I can devote more time to it.

I missed the letter from my sweetheart very today. How I do wish you were here right now there are so many things I just feel that I must tell you. Really Dearie, I just feel that I must see you. I do want you. How I do wish that you were coming East! If you go north in the spring you will be so much farther away and I just cannot think of you being so far away especially when things are here as they are.  Sweetheart please do not misunderstand me. No person says one word except what is in favor of our being married and all are planning nice things for me and Mother is always thinking of something more to give us to begin.

But they all especially Mother say so many things about going away that hurt especially about going north – I know it is hard for Mother but she has the boys.

Sweetheart I know I ought not tell you these things but I must tell some one and you are the only one that I fully trust.

Sweetheart if you can get a position without going North it would save me much pain and trouble at home and I know there is nothing Mother would not do for us to start us and it is right for her to do it for me. But Sweetheart always remember no matter how much pain it would cause me, I am willing to go with you North if you feel it is best to go. I told you the place would make no difference to me so long as we would be together. But sometimes I feel there is no use making one person unhappy for life if it could be prevented. Do you Sweetheart?

And Sweetheart if you have a position we would not need any money at all except our traveling expenses and enough to move my things. But Sweetheart I have only said what I did because I could not keep it all to myself Sweetheart it is grand to have such a dear good man like you to whom you can tell your troubles. It will be so sweet and restful when I can go to you always. I wish the long time of waiting were over.

Sweetheart I wish I could go with you if you do go north this spring. You will be so far from me then. I have poured out all that has been in my heart for a week and I feel better. I hope you are well and not working too hard.

Sweetheart I must close, with more and more love every day and remember I shall always be your loving and trusting,



Sweetheart if I have said more than I ought please forgive me.

Blogger Note:  Could you imagine making grape juice from scratch?  Or canning peaches?  I bet it tasted the best though.  I remember my grandma canning vegetables from the garden.  No place for me to have a garden right now, but someday, maybe I want to get into canning and such.  There is just something so gratifying about growing your own food straight from your backyard.

This letter seems much more desperate than any of her other letters.  From reading between the lines, she seems to be getting more and more pressure at home not to move to Canada with John.  And while she was very willing in the last letter, it is pretty clear that she is trying to persuade him otherwise and feeling guilty about that (especially in that post script).   Until next time… 

One thought on “September 23, 1908

  1. Yes, she is getting pressure from family. I try to picture in my head what she looks like and the clothes she is wearing. I looked up 1908 fashion. This is so much fun. Thank you for posting and yes, to can your own home grown food!!


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