September 22, 1908

My dearest John,

It is half past ten and I know you will feel like scolding me but I do want to write to you before the day is past. Mother and I went to spend the evening at Brenners. We just came home. Margaret and I were sewing and our Mothers were looking on. I hemmed three napkins today. I am hemming them by had and enjoy doing it.

It is very sweet to know that you will always trust me. It does mean so much to one when they are trusted. Sweetheart you are very good to me to send me such sweet letters. They do help me to bear so many things. I am teased so much at home, so that yours are a comfort. I shed more tears today than I have for a year. I tell you Dearie it is just terrible to be the only daughter. I knew from the very beginning of our engagement that Mother would miss me but I hardly expected her to feel as she does. She does not say anything about our being married, she is in favor of that and is very happy in my happiness, but she feels bitter about my going away so far.

But sweetheart I am just trying to hard to bear all that is said about my going away as cheerfully and well as I can. I feel sure that if I am as good as I can be about it, the Lord will help me bear it. And when I do go I know you will be just as good as you can be to me, won’t you?

Sweetheart if you get land in Canada do you expect to say on it all the time or do you expect to work for the Express Company part of the time? If you are going to Homestead there and live there always I should like some land too but I have told you that in my letter yesterday.

Sweetheart I hope I shall never in any way interfere with or hinder your progress. As I have said often before I will go willingly and be happy with you anywhere you feel you ought to go to live. I do wish Mother would not care about my going to Canada so much. She did not seem to feel it so much when I told her you were not going to farm but work for the Express Company, but since you speak of farming she wishes you would come East. I have been trying to explain about the good opportunities in the West but I do not seem able to convince her that you would have more there than here. But sweetheart I shall have many little battles to fight and this is only one. I shall simply have to trust in the Lord. He will do what is best.

It is very sweet and grand to know that you love me and I shall try to be worthy of it always. Sweetheart I am afraid your opinion of me is too high. I am not go good and superior as you think I am. But Dearie to have you feel that I am certainly is a great inspiration to be all that you feel I am and I certainly shall strive to be.

I am glad Bonnie is well enough again to tease. Did you let her read the letter? Sweetheart I must go to bed it is half-past eleven. Do you not think it is time? I suppose my prince is tired after working hard all day. I rested from half-past four to five after school today which was a help.

Sweetheart write to me whenever you can. Your letters are such a comfort. I should not have told you all my little worries Dearie if I had not promised to.

With more and more love.

Forever your loving,



Blogger Note:  For the first time, we are seeing a more emotional, serious side of Daisy and understanding her struggles and uncertainty.  We can certainly see that she is close to her mother which I’m sure makes this extra hard on her.  Kind of makes you want to give her a hug, right?


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