September 21, 1908

Blogger Note:  Happy Sunday!  Or Monday depending on where you are in the world.  We have some international readers on here.  By now, Daisy is writing almost everyday.  Enjoy!

My dearest John,

It is only seven o’clock but I am going to bed just as soon as I finish this letter. I have had a hard day; for the first time this school term I had to stand all day and that wears me out more than anything else.

Dearie you may make all the ink spots you want so long as I can read the rest. You dear goose of course I will pardon it. You never sent me a letter that was half as badly written and untidy looking as one or two I sent you.

Sweetheart do you know you are being very good to me. It is so sweet to come home at noon and find a letter full of love from my sweetheart. Don’t you get one each day from me; but since you get your mail only every other day there ought to be two because I write one each day.

I am glad you did not take that run if you would have had to work fourteen hours. That makes too long a day and my sweetheart must not work too hard. I don’t ever for any reason want you to work so hard or such long hours that it is going to injure your health and one cannot keep well by constantly over-working.

What a tease my Prince is. As if I could not trim frazzled ends off a hat band without learning how. If I had you here you would find out what I would do with you.

If you feel like calling me a goose, why just do it; you may. I have taken the liberty to call my sweetheart one whenever I want to. You dear goose I wish you were here now. I do want to see you so very much.

John, if we both always do our part toward making our home a real, true one I know we will succeed. Isn’t it sweet and grand to think about? How happy we will be when we really are in it.

Sweetheart it is wonderfully sweet to know that you will be happy with me and I won’t doubt it again.

Yes, our church was very pretty last Wednesday. I think we have one of the prettiest churches in the city now. I told you all about it in my letter Thursday. You need not be concerned about my liking a place because I shall be happy with you in our own home. I think I can make myself happy about anywhere, if there is true home life and spirit in our own home.  I feel sure I should like Canada from all you have told me about it. Wouldn’t I be far from Mother? She would have to come to see me sometimes.

Aren’t you soon thru with this run? I am afraid you must work too hard. I hope the other one will not be so hard. You must tell me about it when you change.

If you should go to S. Dakota to file next month would you be sure of getting a claim? But sweetheart, I wish you would not go. It will mean too much worry and care for you. You have enough now and I do not want you to have more. I must go to bed now. I am going to get a lot of beauty sleep. with more and more love.

Forever your loving,


Goodnight. Write whenever you can.

Blogger Note:  Some really cute banter in this letter and I get the feeling they are starting to get much more comfortable with each other and less formal.  I will be using her great adjective “untidy-looking.”  Plus, this letter more than others shines light on a bit about what John is writing (about the ink blot, calling her goose, his plans for future runs, etc.).  This makes me wish so much that I had his letters…….anyways, I hope you enjoyed! 




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