August 23, 1908

Blogger Note:  Merry Christmas (or any other holiday you may be celebrating) and New Year!  Another year come and gone before we knew it.  I have some plans for this in the new year so stay tuned!  Happy reading!

My beloved John,

I just got home about four hours ago. When I got here there wasn’t a person at home.  Mother and father are at Atlantic City and Gottlieb is at Philadelphia. Of course the house was locked up so I went to Margaret’s for dinner. Mother left a key there so I came home just a few minutes ago and found your letter which was really the only thing to make me very happy. Everything is just as pretty as when I left and the yard is beautiful, but altho (this is how she spelled it) I was anxious to get home I realized fully that every minute was taking me farther away from you and of course that made me sad. Didn’t you receive my letters? I wrote three letters and a card since Monday. This is the fourth.

John, you could not think of me or miss me more than I do you. I cannot bear to and am really afraid to think of the long, long time before I will see you again. Only last week at this time I was on the porch with you and how long ago it seems! It seems so hard to be so far away.

You ask me how I got along the next day after all the spanking, etc. Well, the “spanking” did not hurt and every kiss was sacred to me so I guess you know that I was happy I have not had one good night’s rest for more than a week, but I do not feel worse for it. I feel very well.

I know what would be best. I know that farming outdoor work would be best for you and nothing is more important to life and happiness than health. I know that we cannot live without work. If you can get farm work all the year or find something else to do as soon as the farm work for the winter is finished I say take the farm work until you have earned enough to pay what you have to pay. After that I would borrow enough to start a vegetable farm or whatever you want and start in for yourself and please let me help you earn and pay it back.

I know what I am talking about and lots of people who are prospering here in the East have done so and I know it pays better than to wait to start in business until you have earned all you need. I do not see why I did not think of it before. I could tell you so much better.

Money can be borrowed in the East at a much lower rate of interest than in the West. I am going to tell mother of this plan when she comes, and I know she will think it good. My mother is a very capable  business woman and I would always take her advice. She managed her business in just that way and I know she was successful and there is no reason why, if it be God’s will, you could not. I can do lots of things and I am willing to do all I can if you will let me. And I cannot see why you will not when it would make me happiest. Please tell me just what you think of my plan.

Oh, sweetheart, it would be so sweet to work and plan and save together. And vegetable farming is very profitable in the West, isn’t it?

I came from St. Paul to Omaha the night of Friday August the seventh. I am sorry but I destroyed the last three berth receipts  last night while sitting in the Buffalo Station waiting for the train. How I wish I had them, I would gladly send it because that Porter ought not be allowed to act so. You are so thoughtful.

Can you keep just as well sleeping during the day as at night? As a rule people can’t.

Too bad I did not just get up last Sunday and go upstairs, then you would have gotten the rest you needed.

I, too, have lived over every minute of my last visit with you. You know, Dearie, it was all so new and strange and sweet to me, and surely could not be wrong. It is all so sacred. I feel sure it is God’s will and He will take care of us if we will let him.

We had a lovely time at the Falls. What a grand sight the Falls are. We were all filled with awe and could not take our eyes off them. The mist at times was so heavy that we had to raise our umbrellas. But I was wishing for you all the time.

I must stop now. Margaret and Joe want me to go over to Margaret’s for supper. I will write a short letter tomorrow (write soon).

With lots and lots of love.

Forever your loving,


Blogger Note:

Daisy mentions a berth – a berth is a bed or sleeping accommodation on a train.  A little dictionary lesson for those like me who had to Google it.





4 thoughts on “August 23, 1908

  1. I love reading these letters. Having to wait for the next letter almost makes me feel like I’m experiencing this with Daisy. Thanks for taking the time to type these out. 🙂


  2. I wish we had her letters from John. He must have kept these letters from her in a safe place…probably not as common for a man to do? Our imaginations have to fill in the blanks/spaces. It’s so nice to read about their lives and growing love for each other. Thank you for doing this.


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