August 21, 1908

Blogger Note:  The inspiration is back!  And with a few days off work between Christmas and New Year, expect more activity with this blog.  Thank you to the loyal readers who comment, email me and read this blog.  It means the world to me, and I hope as things continue to unravel with this story that you will continue this unique and wonderful journey with me.  As always, happy reading!

My beloved John,

It seems a long time since I left Omaha and it is naughty for me to be always thinking that. Bertha and I arrived in Chicago about 10:30 A. M.  The train was late. We got some breakfast, secured my ticket and berth (lower) for Canton and rechecked my baggage. Then we started out. First we hunted the auditorium where her Mr. Shaw has his studio.  We had a good long hunt and lots of walking.  Finally we found the place but he was not in and would not be.  She then telephoned to him and made an appointment at five which he did not keep until six.

We past an art shop and stopped to look at the picture. Bertha bought a beautiful and typical Japan scene and gave it to me for my chest. It was too good to give to me and I do appreciate it and certainly shall enjoy looking at it always. You will too, I hope. I bought the beautiful subject “Peace” taken from Gilbert Stuart. I know you will like it too.

We went to the stock yard and spend about three hours there. My how tired I was. I was so tired by supper time and dirty. I was ashamed to go into any place. Bertha went to the station with me. I found I could leave Chicago at 8 P. M. instead of 11:45. I slept pretty well and felt rested this morning, but I am having a rushing day. I arrived here at 5:35 A. M. Found the place alone because the folks did not expect me until 1:06 P. M. and I could not let them know.

After breakfast we went to Ms. Kinley’s home and the water works. When we came back there was company. We just had dinner and the crowd are going to take me out all afternoon and evening.

The boys got here Saturday and have been having a good time. They want to go to Cleveland and to Buffalo by boat (home by way of the falls). It is three to one so I am willing to go with them. I told you in my last letter I would be here until Friday but we are invited to all the relatives of the Shruners, so we are going to Akron Thursday and it would not be worth while to come back. So we are going right on to Cleveland.

Joe was very glad to see me and I to see him. Joe said mother said I would not be allowed to go away for another whole summer. She will have to change her mind. She will be so glad I am happy. I know.

Sweetheart I wish you would please write to mother right away. She would appreciate it so much and love you. Mothers like to be considered and if you will write to her right away it will be so much better. If you do I would be so glad (Mother married Ernest Selway).

I suppose I will not hear from you before I get home, but I hope to get home Monday morning. Write to me when you can. I will write when I can.

With best wishes and lots of love.

Forever your loving,


Bertha is going to study in Chicago this week. We enjoyed being together yesterday. I was sorry to leave her. Wish you were here.

4 thoughts on “August 21, 1908

  1. It sounds like they are really in love. I think it was unusual for one to be as expressive of her feelings as Daisy is in this letter. I think it is fantastic that she is so giddy and open with how she feels. Wish you had his letters too!


  2. So glad I signed up to receive these letters. This is the first one I got since signing up. Daisy’s mother’s second husband was Ernest “Schwarz.” Their son Ernest, Daisy’s half brother, was born 1899 died 1905. I believe his death was brought up in another letter. Daisy is related to my husband through her grandparents.


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