August 20, 1908

Blogger Note:  A little pre-Thanksgiving reading delight.  Enjoy!

August 20, 1908

Lake Side Akron, Ohio

My beloved John,

The weather today is ideal. The air is pure and cool and the sky very beautiful and clear with only a pretty white fleecy cloud here and there. The lake is pretty and the scenery grand; just as it is around Columbia and Marietta.

We got up at six o’clock and by seven I had Margaret’s trunk ready to be expressed and the boys’ suitcases ready for our trip, breakfast over and ready to start. We expected to leave at 7:10 but at the last minute my brother remembered he wanted to see a man before leaving so we had to wait an hour. The result is that we missed the 9:30 boat to Barberton and are stranded here until 1:30 P.M.

The ride from Canton to Akron was very beautiful. There were so many beautiful hills and woods. I saw some very pretty tiny cottages too.

I was in Canton only a very short time but was inside about five large homes, the homes of the friends of my friends. One thing here the people all build out rather than up, so many rooms on each floor. But the smaller ones appeal to me a hundred times more.

I am the chaperon of this party and have my hands full. The boys are becoming restless and it requires some effort to keep them in a good humor. They are both hungry and nothing good available to get them. We made an effort to get something but it wasn’t good. I did succeed in spilling half a cup of coffee on my blue shirt, but I do not think it will leave a stain. I hope not.

Margaret has been saving the Saturday Evening Posts for me. I started to read the “Firing Line” before I left, so I cut the pages I wanted out and started to read it here but I do not seem able to concentrate my thoughts.

This day seems so long. I suppose we were awake too early this morning and up too late last night. I am afraid I shall not heave time to visit Mrs. Haggarty. If we go to Niagara Falls we will not get home until Monday, probably, and that will be later than I expected to get home. I have been reminded that I half promised to spend a week in Columbia and Marietta before school starts but I must wait until some other time.

I wish I did not have to wait so long for a letter from you. It would be just as agreeable to go right home. I have had enough tramping around. But I hope to find one home when I get there.

Sweetheart you must tell me about your work and yourself. Do you still eat slowly? Mr. Shriner told me he never has a bit of indigestion since he eats slowly. You know exactly how anxious I am about your health. I want you to have a strong stomach. I am very happy but would be happier if you were here. How much more beautiful the whole world looks and is when one loves and is loved! I never dreamed it could make so much difference. I had to tell my brother Joe and he was just as good and nice to me as any brother could be. I am so anxious to tell mother. I know she will love you and how I wish you could both learn to know each other right away.

Friday Morning – 6:30am

This is another glorious morning. Not a cloud in the sky. We are on the boat going from Long lake (where we spend the night with Margaret’s relatives) to Lake side. We got to Akron and expect to get to Cleveland by noon.

This trip on the boat on Summit Lake from Long Lake to Lake Side is a beautiful ride and takes about an hour and a half. I never have been in a place where there is so much water and such a chain of lakes.

We got to Long Lake about 2:45 P.M. yesterday (we did not stop at Barberton). We met the people, were turned loose in the peach orchard and about four o’clock we went back to the lake where Margaret’s cousin met us. He has a launch and took us to Turkey Foot, a ride of about eight miles. Turkey foot is the name given to that part of country near here where six lakes run into each other or rather meet.  The country is almost as beautiful as around the Susquehanna and we certainly are enjoying it!

Our brothers are very good to us. You know they have not seen us for so long that my brother Joe is ready to do anything for me I ask him too. Nothing seems to be too much trouble.

But how much more I would enjoy it if you were here to share all these good things. No I told you before I do not enjoy these things nearly so much when I think of you working all day, and it is simply impossible to keep my thoughts from turning to you.

You see I am writing every day. When you get tired receiving them please tell me. I must stop now. I do not know what the rest think about some plans I have made. So I must talk them over.

With a heart full of love.

Forever your loving


Blogger Note: I hope you enjoyed!  Lots of great places to research a bit more, so I should be added to some of the other parts of the blog.  Thank you for reading and have a great holiday!




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