August 6, 1908

Blogger Note: And here we are!  No introduction needed for this letter.  Enjoy and happy reading!

August 6, 1908

My dear John,

This is the last afternoon of my visit here. It does not seem as if I were going away tomorrow. Mr. Huey is not at all well. He has a headache, a great deal of pain thru his body and a little fever. I do hope he is not going to have the fever. I thoughtlessly told Mother in one of my letters that Bonnie had it and yesterday I received a letter telling me to come home at once. Mother is worried and anxious about me and the boys tell me very homesick for me. I shall go to Omaha as I planned but for Mother’s sake I shall shorten my visit at Canton. My brother Joe and Margaret’s (Joe’s friend) brother are coming to Canton the fifteenth.

I shall get there that week and we will all go home together. You know Margaret and I left Lancaster together and she left me at Canton.

I am wondering whether you will get back to Omaha before I must leave. I do hope so for i just must see you – two years seems such a long time that sometimes I am goose enough to think they never will pass. I have been asking myself the same question. What am I going to do without ever seeing you all that time. If you get back before I leave we will have to talk about it then.

Dearie I do not think you are selfish and want to stay but since I do not have always to stay with mother I feel that I ought to go. You know that it is often very very hard to do what you feel you ought to do and I think this is one if not the hardest thing I have had to do. But I hope I can see you before I go back and I can talk to you better than write.

My birthday is the 14 of January (1884). I should certainly enjoy coming to Denver and coming back with you but I guess I had better not, altho I want to.

You are a very good boy to eat your meals slowly and I am so glad. I want very much to see the house you spoke of and if you get to Omaha will you take me out to see it? But we must not expect to have such a fine house at first. We must work together for it. I have several ideas which I will tell you about when I see you.

I am so glad Bonnie is so much better. I am going out to see her Saturday afternoon. I get to Omaha Saturday morning. This has been a busy week. Monday we washed and I did a lot more than i did the first time and did not get tired so you see I can wash. In the evening we went to Johnson’s for supper. I did not drink my water though. Yesterday we ironed and made a call in the evening. Coming home we had quite a time. The buggy went down in a ditch on one side and Mr. Huey was thrown out. I cannot see yet how it ever happened that the buggy did not turn over. Mr. Huey was not hurt. This morning I finished the ironing and packed my suitcase. It is now half past three and I have lots of little things I want to do. Dinner is ready so I must stop. I will write Saturday if I do not have time to write before. When you write send it to Omaha. Write soon. I have lots and lots to tell you but will wait. With a whole heart full of love.

Forever Yours,


P.S. Thank you for sending Uncle Henry’s note. Did you tell him I shall answer I suppose. Shall I? What will I ever do with you for saying you must stop writing ” before you tire me?” you will see what I’ll do when I see you? D.

This afternoon just as I was going to mail my letter to you we had company and I could not get out to mail it. I just came home from prayer meeting and I could not resist or did not want to, to write some more. I want to talk to you and this is the only way.

The subject tonight was “Enduring Temptation.” It was helpful and I enjoyed it. Mr. Huey and I did not quite agree on some things and that makes the meeting the more helpful because it leads one to think. There were two of us present.

When I said in the beginning of my letter that we must not expect a fine home at first I meant that we must not try to have everything we need to make it pretty and we need not be in a part of the town or city where rent is highest when we can be in a nice neighborhood and still live more economically. It will be a great deal sweeter to have it grow while we are working together. Above all things we must have a firm and trusting and relying on God. Then besides that we must put lots and lots of love in it.

We must be very patient and learn to help bear each other’s little or big burdens. We must confide all our troubles and joys to each other. If we do those things, I feel sure the Lord will help us to succeed. Don’t you? I wish you would tell me what you think about.

Well, Dearie, it is about half past eleven and I must get up early tomorrow morning and will have a long tiresome day so I must stop.

Your loving Daisy.

Good Night.

6 thoughts on “August 6, 1908

  1. I wondered exactly when the relationship went from friends to more and how. I felt like I was eve’s dropping on them, can’t wait to see what happens next. Such an innocent and different time. She makes me smile


  2. My favorite post so far! I love how she is being very practical with their future (when they decide to get a home together). I currently find myself in that situation, and we have some people saying negative things. I know that we are happy with our life together! You can tell daisy was head-over-heels in love with John!


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