March 30, 1908

Blogger Note: Hey there, hope everyone is doing well!  I’m doing alright.  I was hoping to add those additional letters to this collection, but unfortunately, I haven’t received any word from the woman who currently has them.  😦  So, I’m a little sad that part of their story will remain unfinished.  But anyways, here is the latest!  

March 30, 1908

Dear Graffis,

You see instead of waiting six weeks as I said I would I am just waiting one. I am sorry you have been so rushed, but that is how we are treated while going to school.

I just came home from Sunday School and it is almost time to go to church. I am having lots of company today. Two little boys, who I always take to and from Sunday School, were my first charges. Then a caller, a little boy who went to my school, spent an hour with me and now three little cousins are here and want me to take them to church. You see I have my hands full.

We are having beautiful days, so warm and balmy, Pussy Willows are rocking to and fro and I see some little flowers have raised their heads and are looking about; no matter where you go you see the resurrection of plant life.

I am reading “Freckles” and it is just the book for this time of the year. It describes plant and animal life in the swampy and wooded part of Indiana. It is one of the prettiest stories I have read since last summer. It is beautifully told, too. I could not resist the temptation to have own a copy of it. I know you would enjoy reading it.

I heard an excellent lecture by Earl Barnes on Social Impulses two weeks ago. Next week Mr. Powys lectures. I don’t know who about. I like him very much. He has an exceptionally large vocabulary and uses it well.

This whole week we have no school and I cannot say how glad I am. It will be such a relief not to have to go out for a whole week. I do not know when I was so ready to close school as I was Friday. My head was so tired that I simply could not think or do anything intelligently. I shall be quite ready to go back in a week I think. Do not think I am going to be idle all week. I intend our spring and summer sewing, read a little, and spend some time out of doors if the weather will permit.

Oh, I must tell you what a farmer I am. We have a rather large yard so I am making use of some of it. I planted onions, radishes and lettuce, sweet peas and nasturtiums last week. Didn’t I do real well? I am going to do more later.

The photograph of the basketball team you sent me is very good. I do not see how it could be better. I am very glad to have one and I thank you for it.

I received a letter from Mary Wednesday and she told me of her plan for the summer. It would be lovely if we could go to Nora from Omaha together but I must teach until the last Friday in June so of course we cannot. I think I shall spend several days in Chicago and then go to St. Paul and then to Eckman.

We had a very interesting talk by one of our Missionaries from Gunter, India, on his work there. He said in India one Missionary has charge of a whole county and succeeds in giving each congregation one sermon in two years.  Think of it! One preacher to thousands of persons! What would our ministers say to such a field. And the worst is that his station or house was fifteen miles from his nearest congregation and in another county!

His plea for a station in each county was strong. I hope they get it.

After working so hard you ought to rest a little during your vacation. You ask what should be done with one so careless as to forget to go to class. It all depends what you were doing that you should forget. You say you were in the library; and of course making good use of your time. In that case I think you ought to be excused and told not to get too much interested in what you are doing the next time.

I am afraid I am doing just what I told you not to do. I am getting so interested that I did not hear the clock strike ten and it is nearly eleven now and way past my regular bed time.

With best wishes and I hope you are not being overworked as you have been.

Very Sincerely,

Daisy Holzwarth

Blogger Note: I love the ending of this letter.  When you get so caught up in something that you barely realize the time.  To me, that is time well spent. Until next time!  Oh, I am also thinking of starting up a library section of this blogger to list all of books she has mentioned so far.  Thoughts?

5 thoughts on “March 30, 1908

  1. When I was in fourth grade our teacher read to us. Freckles was one of the books and we loved it. I love all of Gene Stratton-Porter books especially her Freckles/Limberlost series. A great classic. Please do make a collection of the books mentioned and thank you for posting these great letters.


  2. I’d love to see a library list of all Daisy’s books! I love reading each letter you post and always look forward to seeing the next one. What a great find these letters were for you! Thanks you so much for sharing them! 😘


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