December 30, 1907

Blogger Note:  A special treat for you all for your patience.  Posting 2 letters tonight!

December 30, 1907

Dear Graffins,

I just feel as if I had been in a cyclone; just had a discussion about temperance with one who is not at all in sympathy with the movement. I am not nearly so radical as I used to be but when I hear all sorts of mean things said about the movement, I cannot remain quiet.

I want to thank you for being so thoughtful and sending me those references. I shall refer to them often. I have put them in my Bible where I shall see it every day and also use it for a marker. How did you know I was interested in just what you sent me? When I was a child I had a Canadian twenty-five cent bill but I lost it. I assure you I shall not lose this one. I am too glad to have it not to take the best of care of it. How can I thank you for the check for so many good things? I hope you will receive just as much of the world’s store of good things (for this life, the coming year and all subsequent years) you wish me to have and more if possible.

Well, Christmas again is past and day after tomorrow, I take up my daily tasks for another seven months. We have had a happy time. My brothers have never been so good to me before (especially my big brother). Santa, too, was good. He left me more than my share of good things. One thing he left me that I cannot fully appreciate and that is a very, very bad cold in the head.

I hope you have had a happy Christmas. You know you were to since you could be home. I must stop now. I want to write to Mary. Maybe you should not have had a letter from me. This is the third one I have written and no reply. But I shall have to give you what you deserve some future time.

I sincerely hope the coming year will bring you health, happiness and all the good things possible.

Thanking you again for all you have given me.


Daisy Holzwarth

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