December 17, 1907

Blogger Note:  I haven’t disappeared!  Just been busy.  But that is no excuse because you all have been so patiently waiting.  Here you go!

December 17, 1907

Dear Graffins,

I do not think i am very kind in writing. I think it was a little selfish. Don’t  you?

Too bad you have no skating just at present. I hope you will soon have some. I think i feel toward my picture of Christ in the Temple at twelve years of age, as you do about your skates. Of course I could not do as the little boy with the boots so I did the next best thing; hung it right beside my bed.

Well, don’t you feel like rebelling about working on Christmas day. Now there is one consolation, when you have your vegetable garden and poultry farm, you need not work on Christmas day. I expect to work all day but it will be doing that which I prefer  doing to all other work. We shall have twelve in the family all during the holidays.

This is going to be a strenuous week. Yesterday after school, I ironed until supper time. After supper I baked about two hundred and fifty spice drops. After supper this evening, I mixed enough dough for about two hundred sand tarts which I must bake tonight yet, just as soon as I finish this letter. I persuaded the boys to shell the peanuts.

On Sunday I started to read the “Ruling Passion” by Henry Van Dyke. Have you read it? I did not find time to read any since but I enjoyed very much what I have read.

I have not heard from Mary since what I told you about some time ago. I answered her letter fully five or six weeks ago. I have not heard from Nora since before she was sick. I hope they write to you soon. I can excuse them for neglecting me but  they should treat you much better.

I hope you will be transferred back to the states. It is so far away where you are now. What are you studying? It used to be very hard very often for me to concentrate my thoughts in my studies. But I had to do my studying at night and my mind used to be tired. I guess you are like other little boys, restless because Santa is coming soon. I wish he were gone because my little boys and girls are worse than restless. They are full of everything but work. You deserve a great deal of credit for making yourself study when it was so hard. If I have accused you of what you are not guilty, I hope you will forgive me.

My curiosity has been aroused to the utmost. Every person around here has a secret to whisper to some person. Today mother told me to meet her at one of the stores. I came a little earlier than she expected me and she was in the act of making a purchase, but as soon as she saw me she countermanded the order. What am I to infer? When I say anything to her about it her eyes just twinkle and she talks of something else.

No, I am not good. Every person is constantly telling me how naughty and terrible I am. So maybe Santa visited me early to try to make me repent. But I don’t see how I can be very good here. They tease and play so many tricks on me.

I have not made any plans for the summer expect a trip to Niagra Falls which will only take a week. If you go to the Pacific Coast you will have a grand trip. I wonder if I shall ever get there. I want to go bad enough. I hope to go as soon as I can get some person who wants to go. For to take a trip like that would not be pleasant without company.

Yes, if you go to the coast you will stay up there in Seattle. Won’t you? You must take a vacation and have a good, good time. On Saturday my big brother “Billy Boy” comes home. Is that not a name to give a brother? But I like it much better than Will. And he lets me call him whatever I wish  to. He is going to stay a week.

If I do not soon stop soon there will be no time for any work.

Now please have as good a time as you can Christmas. Do not work too hard. I hope Santa will be very good to you.

With best wishes.


Daisy Holzwarth

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