Blogger Note: Story on the News!

Hi Everyone!  I am back from across the seas.  I’ll be updating with another letter tonight, but in the meantime, WGAL News 8 from Lancaster, PA found the blog and started doing some amazing research on the couple behind the letters and uncovered some pretty amazing things!  It will be on tonight at 6pm EST on the news.  For those of us (me included) who are out of range, you can watch the story on the WGAL News 8 app.

Special thanks to Katelyn who found this blog and put this story together!

8 thoughts on “Blogger Note: Story on the News!

  1. How fantastic is that? Bet you never dreamed all this would fall in place. Lucky you and lucky us because you are sharing. Thanks again, Sherry Jones.


  2. I got curious myself to see who she was- and if you google her name, you’ll see her name in an annual catalog as a teacher and it gives her address. Then, I googled her address- and here is her house. Very interesting to visually put a place to where she was writing. I wonder if this is the place with a metal roof where she heard the rain? Here is the link:,+lancaster,+pa/@40.038655,-76.314242,3a,74.3y,336.8h,90.27t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sroXA8dt70hUbULhSTZWVpg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x8cc4f22e3bbd191d!6m1!1e1


  3. I had no luck finding the video on the link. I couldn’t find the 6pm news and ended up watching all 45 minutes of their 11pm news with nary a mention of the letters. If anyone can find a link to the actual story, please add to the comments. Thanks!


  4. Love this story. Thank you so much for posting. I haven’t made it through all of the posted letters yet
    as I am taking my time. These things can’t be rushed. I read some to my wife on a long trip. She loved it.
    I think I found her on Daisy B Holzworth. Born 1884.


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