December 6, 1907

Blogger Note:  And the final letter before I depart across the seas!  Happy reading!

Dear Graffins,

I am afraid you must have been very naughty or why would you think Santa is going to forget you. I hope he does not. I think I shall have to send him a note. To eat Christmas dinner in a restaurant and no gifts besides! That is too terrible. I feel sure you deserve much better treatment than that. I received four gifts already. My mother gave me a beautiful blue coat suit and a white plume which I had put on a blue velvet hat. I don’t wear it very often. I feel too gay and dressed up in it.

I do not think you are a spendthrift. One cannot get along without some recreation and pleasure. I think you were sensible in getting them. It will pay in the end. My naughty brothers thought the Thanksgiving dinner was alright. I do not know whether they are good judges. I know I was busy all morning preparing it. With the exception of preparing that dinner, I did not do one thing I planned to do. Thanksgiving afternoon Mother and father took me for a short drive. We came home about four o’clock then I played a few of mother’s favorite pieces. As I was playing the bell rang and we found three of my little cousins crying. Their father had been hurt and taken to the hospital. Their mother died about five years ago. they came here and are yet. The father, too, came today.

You cannot know how busy I have been. to make matters worse, our girl got sick and went to bed and we had her to wait on all week. Each morning this week, I had to do almost a day’s work before going to school. It is almost too much to be rushing around from five A.M. until eight doing house work and then hurry off to a long hard day of school work and then top off with some more house work and sewing in the evening.

Poor mamma, too, is worn out. Tomorrow we have a teacher’s meeting and I feel tempted to play the truant. Yesterday coming home from school I saw a very prettily illustrated copy of “Lorna Doora.” I have always wanted to own a copy since I read it while visiting at your home. I could not resist the temptation. So I shall call that a Christmas gift to myself.

Have you had many opportunities to skate and do you like your new ones? I have been sleighing yesterday. Mother took me to school and came for me. I enjoyed it very much, but it was so cold. I wish you could have gone too. We have not had any skating yet. You asked what somebody else’s brothers were doing. Probably the same as my brothers only i do not know with whose sisters.

It is good of you to say you get some good from my letters. But I do not see how you can for there never is anything in them worth reading. if you are afraid your letters are dull reading stop being afraid fro I assure you I do not find them so. I told you I enjoy reading them and I really mean what I say.

the lecture on Ben Hur was very good. I must read it again. I know you would have enjoyed it. Have you read the book? I have not read a thing excepting the daily paper and Sunday School lesson and daily texts since I wrote last. I wish I could read tonight but after I eat supper I have a stack of sewing so cannot. I wish supper were soon ready. I had nothing to eat since breakfast at six thirty this morning.

I too cannot realize that this year is so near its close. How time flies! Each year seems shorter. I cannot help but feel that I let many golden opportunities to help pass by. and I suppose I wast some time but —

Is this not pretty?

Kind hearts are the gardens

Kind thoughts the roots.

Kind words the flowers.

And kind deeds the fruits.

I tried to teach it to the children. They seem to like it very much. I wish I had lots and lots of memory gems.  Last year I started to learn one each day but did not keep it up long.  In 1908, I am going to try it again.  They help me so much. Beautiful thoughts, beautifully expressed have consoled and made me happy many, many times.

Too bad you must miss the lecture. what days do you work? I am not taking the Star Course at the Y.M.C.A. here this year. I expect to hear only such things I am specially interested in.

I wish you were near a library since you have some time to enjoy the good books.  You must not expect to find “When Knighthood Was in Flower” an exceptionally good book it is nothing but a good novel with a little history but I found it very fascinating.

I hear the boys and girls laughing. They seem to be having a jolly good time. I love coasting better than sleighing. I love to get on a big sled and just fly down a hill. But I guess I am getting too old for such fun. I did do it once last year.

My brother promised to mail this letter and here he sits impatient to go so I must finish. Do not work too hard and have lots of fun on your skates.

With best wishes and hoping to hear from you soon.


Daisy Holzwarth

Blogger Note:  I know there are a couple grammar issues, but that is how she wrote some of her sentences.  I also had to look up a couple words so thought I would share in case others out there were curious.  For Christmas, Daisy receives a “plume” which is defined as a “long, soft feather or arrangement of feathers for display on a person.”  A “spendthrift” is “someone who spends money in an extravagant way.”  And “coasting” is another way of saying “sledding.”  

P.S.  Anyone enjoy her excerpt on “how time flies?”  She never knew that we would be reading this over 100 years later!

P.S.S.  I want to do some more research into these lectures she keeps attending.  I wonder if the Y.M.C.A keeps good records?

5 thoughts on “December 6, 1907

  1. I am really enjoying the letters. It is interesting to hear how she spends her free time. This is quite different than what is done today. Her comment on how refreshing the countryside is to her certainly resonates with me. Sometimes my husband and I just take a drive to a state park or just to the country where we can see open fields and that refreshs us.

    I wanted to point out that the book that she purchased in this letter is probably “Lorna Doone”. I’m sure her writing is probably not easy to read. I remember the name of the book from school. Of course, that was many years ago as I graduated from high school in 1969.


    • Hello and thank you for your comment! That is wonderful that you and your husband spend that time together on your drives. I will be sure to correct the letter. Yes, I am still getting use to her handwriting. Thank you!


  2. So very fascinating… I saw the live broadcast last evening here in Harrisburg, PA on WGAL- NBC Channel 8 and was more surprised when I heard my name. While I do not believe I am related, it certainly is always a possibility. I am so happy to be reading your blog. All the best to you!


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