March 21, 1907

Dear Mr. Henderson,

I am almost ashamed to write since I have waited so long.  I think my last letter was written in January.  Each morning for the last three weeks I have said today I will write. Today I am determined to do so. I did not go home to dinner so here I am at school writing. I just finished mounting some colored pictures of birds and put them up. I have twenty plants in my school room windows and four are laden with flowers. My room looks very pretty and cheerful. I like to be in it. The children behaved very badly last week but this week are acting as is they were a little civilized.

Today is the first of spring and I can scarcely realize it. Where has the winter gone? We have had a severe winter – lots of snow. I have been fortunate enough to go sleighing twice.  Oh, but I did enjoy it.

Mother is not much better. She is about and works – for too hard – but is not her real self. Mother’s condition is really the only cloud in my life just now.

I can imagine how cozy the girls made your home. A cozy home is one of the things essential to my happiness. No matter how very simple so long as it is homelike and cozy. I am so very anxious to see it.

I have never heard anything more about Mr. Groff than that he was in the country ill. I have not been at Millersville since Christmas but expect to go Sat. then. I shall inquire and let you know if I learn anything about him.

Do you like Wymore as well as Chester? How are you getting along with your new undertaking? I hope you like it and are being successful. Do not work too hard. I have learned from experience that you must have rest. I never or at least seldom go out only to church and school since January. I am taking more rest. Can you complete the course by correspondence? Tell me more about it.

I have been spending lots of time reading. I just finished from “Egypt to Japan” by Field. It is very interesting full of knowledge and gives an excellent geographical description of the countries of Asia.

I have not made any plans for the summer. Very likely I shall stay home or go to a very quiet place in the country. I should like to go to Jamestown but shall want to decide until later.

I want to thank you for the very pretty card you sent me. I enjoy it very much. It was very kind of you to remember me. With very best wishes and thanks for your kindness and thoughtfulness I am.


Daisy Holzwarth

Blogger Note: I love the statement about a cozy home creating happiness.  What a true statement.  And going on to say that a home can be simple but still cozy.  It doesn’t need to be to have 15 bedrooms and Picasso paintings on every wall, but just a place where you can curl up and feel completely at ease.  I like her more and more with each letter.  What does everyone else think?  Letters are below.  She has written the last couple on some light blue stationary so the scans are a bit darker than before.  Happy reading!

March21.1907_1 March21.1907_2

I have never

5 thoughts on “March 21, 1907

  1. I enjoy reading these letters so very much. They take me back to a time when life seemed to move a little slower. “Instant everything” such as fast food, super highways, television, the internet, computers, etc. had not yet been invented. People were much more friendly and reliant on one another.


  2. I love these letters. I can picture in my imagination where she is and almost what she might look like. I love her character. The more I read, the more I like this lady. Thank you so much for making these letters available to us. [and I like to check online for the books she mentions…always interesting to find one with pages available…knowing she read them.]


  3. I love reading these letters! I get giddy with excitement every time one shows up in my email, much like I’m sure Daisy and other people did back in 1907. I dream of living a simple life without all our electronic distractions…I have always found this time period to be quite interesting so reading these letters I like to pretend I’m Daisy giving it one last look over before I send it off. How highly Mr. Henderson must of thought of Daisy to have kept all these letters.


  4. Would like to thank you for taking the time you do in sharing these lovely letters. I am not a young women, so I appreciate the lost art of letter writing. Her thoughts on home and hearth are simple and true. I especially appreciated her convictions concerning theater and other forms of entertainment. Some today find that foreign, but there was a time that many shared her views. Well, thanks again. Sandy


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