January 1, 1907

Blogger Note:  Happy Memorial Day weekend!  Please take a moment throughout the weekend to say thanks to our men, women and canines serving our country today and throughout history and remember those who have given their lives.  If you have flags, fly them proudly!  I’ll be posting two letters this weekend as catch up.  I’ve been ill but am on the mend and have been out-of-state these past few weekends.  Happy reading!  And as always, thank you!!

January 1, 1907

Dear Mr. Henderson,

May this year bring you only joy, happiness and success!

Thank you very much for the pretty and dainty pearl knife. I shall leave it on my desk where I can use it daily.

Until I received your postal, I could not imagine what was the matter. I have not heard from you for such a long time. Of course I know you are busy.

Santa has been very good to me. He brought me very nice and useful gifts, in fact, I received a great many more than I deserved.

I have been just as busy as a bee for the past month, but Christmas is past and tomorrow I resume my regular routine of work. I am not going to work half so hard as I did last year. I began by resting most of the afternoon. We have a maid now and that takes lots off my hands.  She cannot cook but she can do all the other work. I am going to spend my extra time in reading and I hope to do some embroidering. I received three good books at Christmas. Friendship by Hugh Black (a Scotch Preacher), Wagner’s famous opera Lohengrin and one of Dickens.

You spent Christmas in your pretty new home. What a joyous and happy time you must have had! I presume Nora was home, too. Those “naughty girls” write so seldom. I wrote to both of them this afternoon.

On Friday evening I heard McDowell deliver his famous illustrated lecture on the Panama Canal. It was very interesting and I need hardly add very instructive. He visited the isthmus and took and developed all the pictures himself. I never heard him before. He feels certain that the canal will be finished in about fifteen or twenty years. A long time!

With best wishes for a prosperous and happy year and many thanks for the pretty gift.


Daisy Holzwarth

Blogger Note: I love when Daisy references specific books or pieces of writing.  It makes me want to go and find these books and read them myself.  And to hear her talk about such a historic place such as the Panama Canal while it was being built!  It did take a long time to build but not nearly as long as the 15 – 20 years that was speculated.  It took 7 years and opened in 1914.

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