August 18, 1906

Blogger Note:  So sorry for the delay!  Here is the next letter and Daisy is at a new address for this one.  In Philadelphia.  She explains a bit in the letter below. And we have even more clues about her family heritage as well as the fact that men are confusing (which has not changed 100 years later).  Happy reading!

Dear Mr. Henderson,

Another change of residence. I came here yesterday to keep house for Uncle and Auntie while they are away, take a short vacation. I expect to be here until August twenty fifth and then I shall be very happy when I go back to “dear old Lancaster.” I do not like the city in summer.

I was very much surprised but pleased to hear you changed your plans and went home. The word means so much and I know how much you enjoy being there. But I understand you are not taking any vacation. May I suggest again that you must take some time for rest and recreation. Once we are overworked,  it is so difficult to become rested. I see the terrible results of too much work and no rest so very often. Yes, every day. Do not become impatient or provoked with me for saying anything about resting. I know that you feel not a moment may be wasted but remember good health comes first. I think you did remarkably well this spring in clearing so much. How you must have worked!

When does school open? I begin work on the third of September in Lancaster. I worked hard all summer but found some time to rest and for fun so that I am ready to go to work when the time comes.

I have not been able to leave home for any length of time so I took small trips and did get lots of pleasure and real fun out of almost everything. I really enjoy being home best. I would like my friends to visit me rather than go myself. I have had lots of company all summer. I do enjoy playing tennis and the afternoon I went to Millersville. We played about twenty six games.

Mother is not much better. Father received a letter saying his father in Germany was dying so he packed a suitcase and started for New York Thursday morning and sailed Thursday afternoon. His one hope and aim in going is to see his father once more before his last hour on this earth comes.

I was surprised to hear that Mr. Porter has not broken friendship with the girl near his home, if it may be so called. I understand she is so inferior to him and that he did not care for her. If he does not, he has no right to play with her. Does Winnifred know he calls on her? He seems so much in earnest about it last summer that I thought he would never call on her (the other girl) again. But men are so hard to understand. I sometimes wonder are they all alike. Can any of them be trusted? Are men as a rule as sincere as women? I doubt it very often.

This month the Women’s Missionary Society met at our home. We had a very nice meeting. Las month we had a collection of over thirty dollars and only about forty members. The dues always amount to a great deal. I know you would enjoy being at some of the meetings. There is so much enthusiasm and real hard work in the Society. It always makes me more happy and cheerful to attend a meeting of that kind.

I should enjoy very much to see a picture of your home. I hope your mother and sisters are all well. Give them my love and best wishes. I have not heard from Mary. With best wishes.


Daisy Holzwarth

P.S. I spent four days at Lebanon and had a good time. I laughed almost as much as I did last summer. I almost disgraced the people whom I was visiting. It rained all the time fortunately and the windows were closed that saved them and me.

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