July 13, 1906

Blogger Note: Hello!  And thank you for your patience.  As you can see, this next letter is dated in July which is quite a few weeks after her last letter in May.  I am not sure how long the vendor who I bought the letters from had them for sale, but I am sure that I was not the only one to pick up and buy a few letters so other letters may be scattered and in the hands of many other people out there.  There has also been so much interest out there in the research behind the letters, so I will be starting a section of research to bring all these wonderful bits of information into one place.   Thank you all again for reading and have a great week!

Dear Mr. Henderson,

I received the pictures Wednesday and was very much pleased with both. The picture of the school and its surroundings is an excellent picture. I showed it to some of my friends and they were very enthusiastic in their admiration. I thank you very much for the picture of yourself. I think it is a very good one. I shall take care to keep it nice. I have not had mine taken because it has been so very warm but shall do so as soon as I get an opportunity.

I cleaned the whole house this morning. It looks clean and comfortable again, but it will soon be dusty. I have an engagement this afternoon and I really would rather stay here in the library where it is so  cool and where I can see the pretty flowers. I was out after luncheon and gathered more roses and other flowers than I could carry in both hands. I put some on the porch and in the dining room but am going to give the greater share away.

I do not know Mr. Groff but am going to Millersville this afternoon and then I shall find out what I can for you about him. I shall write all the information I get in my next letter.

I have no unpleasant memories in connection with the school but have been disappointed in a person at Millersville and was disgusted for a while but it is all over. I mean my feeling as I did about going to Millersville. It is the first time I have found any of my friends insincere and I hope the last time. Not insincere to me but to others but that is all the same to me. I do not and cannot trust any person whom I know to be superficial and insincere to others. Can you? I thank you very much for your sympathy and I need not add that I appreciate it very much.

I have only half an hour to get dressed and look up the house so I think I had better keep the rest for the next time. I have lots more I want to say. Joe, my brother, calls me “Peggy the Chatterbox.” I had him laughing all the dinner hour.

With best wishes and thanks for the photos and hoping to here from you soon I am.

Most Sincerely,

Daisy Holzwarth



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