January 11, 1906

Dear Mr. Henderson,

I do not know what you must think of me for not answering you letter sooner.  I assure you it is not lack of sincerity.  Just after I received your letter, I received a telegram from home telling me of my brother’s death.  Of course it was very sad news and I could do nothing but try to comfort my grief stricken parents for Ernest was our baby.  I feel that “God does all things for the best” but my parents cannot accept that great truth at present, tho they firmly believe it.  I feel so sorry for them.

I know you will be surprised at the change in my address.  But in a way, I have been rather unfortunate. You know I began to teach in October. I did not receive my salary because Mr. Lorman, Principal of the Private School did not seem able to meet his expenses. I lost about one hundred dollars so I resigned. At present I am teaching in Camden. I have a seventh grade of boys. I like my work very much all tho, I assure you, I have my hands full with thirty two big boys to manage.

I think I was very fortunate in getting this position without losing a day. It is a life position with an increase of $48 a year for five years. I do not know how long I will stay for you know I was elected in Lancaster to a life position. I suppose I will go home next year and stay there.

We had a very sad Christmas. It was the first Christmas in my long life that we had no tree, and how we did miss it! I do not know why Mary and Nora do not write to me. I wrote to both of them last but have not received an answer. Where is Mary? Have you all gone West? I hope Mary has not gone without saying good-bye to me. I am going to write to Bonnie tonight. Probably I shall receive some answer from her.

When I think of the good time we had last summer, I cannot bear to think of never visiting or probably ever seeing all of you again. When you write to the girls or see them please tell them how anxious I am to hear from them. Are you going to give me what I deserve and make me wait long for an answer? Tell me about your plans for the winter.

With best wishes for a happy and prosperous year.



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One thought on “January 11, 1906

  1. There is so much in this letter that I want to research but it would take me hours trying to figure out historical context for what she is saying. I found the part on Mary and Nora not answering her the most striking. Who in this day and age would have that trouble? It’s amazing how we know something is odd if the person we text doesn’t respond for more than a day!


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