October 30, 1905

Dear Mr. Henderson,

I did not mean to wait over two weeks before answering your letters but time does fly so quickly.  I do not know whether it is because I have so much to do or lack of good management that I leave so little time.

I happened to be sweeping when I received your letter so instead of laying down my sewing, I laid down my broom which I was not sorry to do.  I am very glad to hear that you are going to take up your studies so soon.  I hope and trust that your school life will be happy and profitable.  I think I know you well enough to know that you will not idle away any of your time.  I am sorry to say that I did a great deal of it while I was going to school.  How I wish I could go to college!  Nothing would give me more real pleasure.  I do not think that I would waste many minutes if I were to go to school again.

This week I found a few minutes time to read some of Mark Twain’s “Essays.”  He is very sarcastic and has a keen sense of humor.  He does make things seem very ridiculous.  Have you read them?  I am studying and reading German which I find very enjoyable.

On Wednesday morning, I am going to Philadelphia to attend the Missionary Convention of the Lutheran church.  The convention will be in session from Wednesday until Friday morning.  I am coming home Saturday evening.  I expect to have a very pleasant time.  A large party are going from Lancaster.

Mary has not been to see me since the evening she spent her after coming from home.  I saw her twice on the street.  This morning I saw Mary and Bonnie but only for a few seconds.  Bonnie left at one o’clock P.M. for Philadelphia.  I meant to get to the station to see her off but had cooking to do which I could not finish in time.  I was very sorry because she was so good and “saucy” to me that I just wanted to see her and give her what she had been giving me all along.

You do not have much faith in my ability to keep awake when you say that you are afraid I will fall asleep while reading your letter.

I thank you very much for being so very conscientious in performing your duty with regard to Mr. Chestney.  I am sorry that I have nothing to say in reply to his message.  I have not written my letters for about five weeks.  I have taken this evening off to write letters (about eight) and as this is the first I must not make it too long or I shall not get the rest written.

Hoping you are well and enjoying your work.  I am.



P.S. Please tell Nora I am going to write soon.  Ask Bertha if she has forgotten all about me.

October 30 1905 Part_0001   October 30 1905 Part_0002   October 30 1905 Part_0003

One thought on “October 30, 1905

  1. At the beginning of the second paragraph, ”I happened to be sweeping when I received your letter so instead of laying down my sewing, I laid down my broom which I was not sorry to do.“

    It should be “which I was not supposed to do,” right?

    Thanks for the transcription. It is very touching


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